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Wilson and Collateral Family Indices

The First Generation in America - Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour

PDF of Descendants of Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour

Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

PDF of Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

Where are They Buried?

Collateral Families

Collateral Families

Jane (Armour) Wilson and Robert Moffit/Moffat

Jane Armour-1 was born either on 12 Aug 1736 or in 1742 in Scotland. Wilson family tradition says that the Armours were a branch of the Cameron family, which changed its name for political reasons. Whether or not this is the reason, to date nothing is known of Jane Armour's ancestry. She came to America in the early 1760's. She died in USA, NY, Saratoga County. It is presently not known where, or under what name, she is buried.

Jane married first, Alexander Wilson.

Additional Information about Jane Armour

Robert Moffit/Moffat.

Additional Information about Robert Moffit/Moffat

Jane (Armour) Wilson and Robert Moffit/Moffat were married between 1771 and 1776, probably in USA, NY, Rensselaer County. They had the following child:

  1. Robert Moffit/Moffat Jr