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Wilson and Collateral Family Indices

The First Generation in America - Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour

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Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

PDF of Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

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Collateral Families

Collateral Families

The Family of Henry (Hendrick Paeldin) Pawling and Neeltje Roosa:
Generation 4:
Albert Pawling, Grietjen "Gitty" Ten Eyck, and Eunice Porter

Col Albert PawlingPicture from Burhans Genealogy
Col Albert Pawling-4 (Helena Magdalena Burhans and Levi Pawling-3, Henry Pawling-2, Henry (Hendrick Paeldin) Pawling-1) was christened on 22 Apr 1754 in USA, NY, Ulster, Kingston. He was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, and the first Mayor of the City of Troy, USA, NY, Rensselaer County. He died at about the age of 83 years on 10 Nov 1837, and was buried in Old Mount Ida Cemetery, USA, NY, Rensselaer, Troy.
Additional Information about Albert Pawling

Grietjen "Gitty" Ten Eyck-4 (Cornelia Wyncoop and Matheus Ten Eyck) was born on 21 Nov 1756 in USA, NY, Ulster County. She died at the age of 32 years on 23 May 1789 in USA, NY, Ulster County, and was buried in Old Hurley Burial Ground, USA, NY, Ulster, Hurley.

Additional Information about Grietjen "Gitty" Ten Eyck

Albert Pawling and Grietjen "Gitty" Ten Eyck were married on 28 Apr 1782 in USA, NY, Ulster, Kingston. They had the following children:

  1. Cornelia Pawling
  2. Mattheus Ten Eyck Pawling

Eunice Porter (Abigail Buell and Joshua Porter) was born on 10 Sep 1766 in USA, CT, Litchfield, Salisbury. She died at the age of 81 years on 15 Mar 1848 in USA, NY, Rensselaer, Troy. It is not presently known where, or under which name, she is buried.

Eunice married first, John Bird. She married second, Joshua Stanton.

Additional Information about Eunice Porter

Albert Pawling and Eunice Porter were married on 3 Mar 1812. They had no children.