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Greenwood Cemetery
USA, NY, Niagara, Wilson

From Illustrated History of Niagara County, N.Y., page 387:

"The first depository for the dead near the village [of Wilson] was made in 1812, on the east end of the peninsula northwest of the village. Another burial place was on the point of the hill just south of the present grist-mill, on Reuben Wilson's land. It was not until 1846 that a regular established and laid out burying ground was opened. It consisted of two acres of land lying on the east side of the Town Line road. The railroad now passes through it. These grounds were several years ago depopulated and the occupants transferred to the present cemetery * * *.

"In 1851 Luther Wilson donated to a legally constituted board of trustees seven acres located upon a point of land extending into the bay of Twelve-mile creek, a short distance northwest of the village, to be used for burial purposes. Two acres more were afterwards purchased, opening the grounds to Harbor street. These grounds have been tastefully laid out and improved, and with the naturally picturesque scenery, constitute a beautiful spot for the use to which they have been appropriated. This cemetery is called Greenwood."

Greenwood Cemetery is located on the west side of Lake Road (Route 18). The main entrance is just north of the junction of Lake Road and Pettit Street in the Village of Wilson, Niagara, NY.

Satellite View of Greenwood Cemetery

Wilson Family Members Known to be Buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Collateral Family Members Known to be Buried in Greenwood Cemetery