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The governing documents of the Wilson Association are its Constitution and ByLaws, which were adopted at the 4th Wilson Family Reunion, held on June 27, 1907. These two documents were, we believe, authored by Mary Viola "Mate" (Wilson) Farnsworth, the person most instrumental in organizing the Wilson Association. Mate was a great-granddaughter of Alexander and Jane (Armour) Wilson, through Alexander Wilson Jr and Stephen Melvin Wilson.

Another important document is the Wilson Family Genealogy. As noted on the Genealogy page, there is presently no "official" Wilson genealogy. However, family members have been diligent in maintaining genealogical records, and the genealogy used on this website utilizes the best information we presently have, being a compilation of the records kept and research conducted by a number of family members. These people include, but are definitely not limited to, Bill, Bob, Micky, Alta, Marcia, Denise, Elaine, Bob, Mark, and Gail.

We also have, and will be adding, many stories about family members, including both historical accounts in various publications, and memories shared by other family members. We welcome your stories about family members and urge you to share them with others by including them on this website.

Another aspect of our documents is source material. Neither our source material nor notations to sources reside on this website. Information about source material can be obtained, but must be requested.

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