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Wilson and Collateral Family Indices

The First Generation in America - Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour

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Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

PDF of Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

Where are They Buried?

Collateral Families

Collateral Families

The Family of Robert Seeley and Mary:
Generation 2:
Nathaniel Seeley, Mary Turney, and Elizabeth Burr

Researcher: Bill

Capt Nathaniel Seeley-2 (Mary and Robert Seeley-1, William Seeley-A, Thomas Seeley-B, William Seelie-C) was born on or before 16 Sep 1627 in England, St Stephen Cole. He was baptized on 16 Dec 1627 in St Stephen's Church, England, London. He was killed at the age of about 48 years in the "Great Swamp Fight" during King Philip's War on 19 Dec 1675 in USA, RI. He may have been buried in the mass grave near the battle site, now known as Smith's Castle Mass Gravesite, USA, RI, Washington, Wickford.

Additional Information about Nathaniel Seeley

Mary Turney-2 (Mary Odell and Benjamin Turney-1, Thomas Turney-A, Barnard Turney-B, John Turney-C, Richard Turney-D, James Turney-E, John Turney-F) was born in 1631 in England. She was baptized on 18 Sep 1631 in England, Buckinghamshire, Soulbury, Hollingdon. She died before 1674 in USA, CT, New Haven Colony.

Additional Information about Mary Turney

Nathaniel Seeley and Mary Turney were married on 6 Oct 1649 in USA, CT, New Haven Colony. They had the following children:

  1. Nathaniel Seeley
  2. Robert Seeley
  3. Benjamin Seeley
  4. Joseph Seeley
  5. John Seeley
  6. Mary Seeley
  7. Sarah Seeley
  8. Phebe Seeley
  9. Rebecca Seeley

Elizabeth Burr (Cable and Jehu Burr).

Elizabeth married first, Obadiah Gilbert.

Additional Information about Elizabeth Burr

Nathaniel Seeley and Elizabeth Burr were married in 1674. They had no children.