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The First Generation in America - Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour

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Generation 6:
Dennis "Wilfred" "Red" Cook

Dennis "Wilfred" Cook and His Dog Tip

Dennis "Wilfred" Cook-6 (Florence May Wilson-5, Benjamin Ernest Wilson-4, William Armour Wilson-3, Alexander Wilson Jr-2, Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour-1) was born on 26 Dec 1917 on Beebe Road, USA, NY, Niagara, Wilson. He was a farmer, working with his parents. He died at the age of 45 years on 21 Mar 1963 in USA, NY, Livingston, Sonyea, and was buried on 24 Mar 1963 in Greenwood Cemetery, USA, NY, Niagara, Wilson. He did not marry and had no children.

Additional Information about Dennis "Wilfred" Cook