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109th Annual Wilson Family Reunion, 8 July 2012

2012 Trivia Game with Answers

The 109th Annual Wilson Family Reunion was held on 8 July 2012 in Krueger Park, Wilson, Niagara, NY. More than 50 family members attended. First time attendees included both older folks and younger ones who were born after the 108th reunion in 2011.

The highlight of the Reunion was the fact that one family member who has been having a very difficult time after suffering extensive head injuries was able to attend with the help of her loving and devoted husband. Everyone was glad to see her out of the hospital for the day and appreciated all the work that went into making it possible for her to attend.

Family members shared their recollections of their first cars. Two family members had had yellow VWs as their first cars - one was great, the other was a total lemon. One family member's first car was John Deere green - her father was a John Deere dealer! Many family members recalled that their first cars were large and, hopefully to their parents, indestructible. Another family member, who was born in India, shared that his first car had two wheels - it was a bicycle.

Family heirlooms brought to the reunion included the original hand-written copy of a story written as a school project by Howard Brookes Kinzly about his great-grandfather, Stephen Melvin Wilson; and a hat worn by Mary Catherine (Smoyer) Wilson on a 1921-22 cross-country road trip. Mary's hat was used for the drawing for the family member who couldn't attend the reunion, but had sent in the correct answers to this year's Trivia Game. The person whose name was drawn will receive the souvenir insulated bag from the 2012 reunion.

Next year's Reunion souvenir is a ceramic mug. "Advance copies" were awarded to the Oldest Descendant attending the Reunion, the Youngest Descendant attending the Reunion, the Oldest Male and Oldest Female Descendants attending their first Reunion, the Descendant who had come the furthest, and the Descendant making the most effort to attend the Reunion.

Births, deaths, marriages, and graduations since the last Reunion were acknowledged. Family members who are currently serving their country in the Armed Forces were recognized.

We are continuing our work with a genealogist in Edinburgh, Scotland, to find out more information about the ancestors of Alexander Wilson, and perhaps learn more about Jane Armour and the possible change of her family name from Cameron to Armour for political reasons. We are also continuing work on locating family members who have been "lost," at least to us - both living and deceased. The burial places of several "lost" family members were located. Most notably, with the assistance of a DAR member in Montana and the Montana Veterans Home, we were able to obtain a Veteran's marker for Albert Pawling Davis, a great-grandson of Alexander and Jane (Armour) Wilson, through their daughter, Jane (Wilson) Pawling. Albert was disabled as a result of his service in the Civil War. He had been resting in an unmarked grave in the Montana Veterans Home Cemetery for over 90 years. We also continue to attempt to reach living family members from branches of the family with whom we have lost contact over the years and miles.

Several family members who had recently attended functions at Krull Park in Olcott, Niagara, NY, suggested possibly moving the reunion there next year. They brought photographs of the facilities at the Park and told why they believed the Park would be a better choice for the reunion. High on the list of pro reasons were covered pavilions that are big enough to hold everyone, up-to-date and accessible restroom facilities, level ground, and play equipment for the children. Some concern was expressed about the fact that Olcott holds its annual Pirates' Festival the same weekend as our Reunion. However, folks who came to the reunion through Olcott (and others who went there after the Reunion), noted that the Pirates' Festival activities were on the north side of the Park, next to the Lake, and that the south side of the Park, where we would hold the reunion, was almost completely empty. Other concerns were the fact that you cannot reserve a pavilion until March, and the lack of electricity at the pavilions. After a discussion, the family members in attendance decided that the pros outweighed the cons, and voted to move the Reunion to Krull Park next year.

So, start making your plans now to attend the 110th Wilson Family Reunion on 14 July 2013! You will be part of a large group of family members who are already doing just that.

Thanks to our first-time attendees. We hope they had a good time and will continue to join us in future years, perhaps bringing more of their immediate family members.

And, as always, thanks to the Wilson Association officers and all of those family members who spent time and effort in making this year's reunion another success!

2012 Trivia Game with Answers

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