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Upcoming Mini-Reunions

If you would like to sponsor a mini-reunion in your area, please let us know and we will provide you with the information we have about family members in that area.

4th Phoenix Area Mini-Reunion
28 Feb 2016

The 4th Phoenix Area Mini-Reunion will be held on Sun 28 Feb 2016, at the Club House at the Sunbird Golf Resort in Chandler, Arizona. The reunion will start about 10 am and continue as long as folks stay around. For more information, please contact us.

If you know a Wilson Association Member who is in the Phoenix area permanently or during the winter, please let us know so that we can contact them about this Mini-Reunion.

Past Mini-Reunions

22 Feb 2015 - 3rd Phoenix Area Wilson Family Mini-Reunion

The 3rd Phoenix Area Wilson Family Mini-Reunion was held on Sunday 22 Feb 2015 at the Sunbird Golf Resort Club House in Chandler, Arizona. Again, twelve Wilson Association members, although a different twelve than last year, were able to attend. Those attending were Gary and Joanne, Doug and JoAnn, Bob and Joanne, Bob and Linda, David and Karen, and Joe and Kathy. Use of the Club House is arranged by Gary and Joanne. Thanks, again, to them for making these arrangements. Several of the people who attended are intending to try to make it to the 112th Annual Wilson Family Reunion, to be held on 12 Jul 2015 in Krull Park, Olcott, Town of Newfane, Niagara County, New York.

Several folks brought photos to be added to the genealogy. One of the things discussed was the fact that, in the past, our parents and grandparents often did not discuss their family backgrounds, thus leaving their descendants without a connection to their own past. This is one of the primary reasons we ask for stories - to preserve the connection to the greatest extent possible.

The 4th Mini-Reunion has been scheduled for 28 Feb 2016 (the last Sunday in February), at the same place if things work out.

23 Feb 2014 - 2nd Phoenix Area Wilson Family Mini-Reunion

The 2nd Wilson Family Mini-Reunion was held on Sunday 23 Feb 2014 at the Sunbird Golf Resort Club House in Chandler, Arizona. Twelve Wilson Association members were able to attend. Two folks (with their spouses) were descendants of Jane (Wilson) Pawling. To the best of present knowledge, this is the first time that any of Jane's descendants have attended a Wilson Family Reunion. The remaining people (with their spouses) were descendants of Alexander Wilson Jr.

Everyone must have had a good time, because they are already planning the 3rd Mini-Reunion for Sunday 22 Feb 2015! It looks as if this will be an annual event, held on the last Sunday in February each year. We will be actively looking for more Wilson Association members in the Arizona/New Mexico/southern California area.

Wilson Association Members Attending the 2014 Wilson Family Mini-Reunion in Phoenix, Arizona

From left to right: Bob and Joanne, Wayne and Sue, Joe and Kathy, Lloyd and Linda, Dave and Karen, Gary and Joanne. Wayne and Joanne (at the right) are descendants of Jane (Wilson) Pawling. The chart Kathy is holding shows the relationships among the Wilson Association members presently known to be in the Phoenix area, either permanently or on a seasonal basis. Unfortunately, not all of the members shown on the chart were able to attend this year's Mini-Reunion.

31 Dec 2013 - 1 Jan 2014 - Gathering of the Descendants of Robert King Wilson and Ruth Virginia Hardy

Thirty-one members of the Wilson Association through Robert King Wilson gathered to ring in the New Year of 2014. They shared this photograph.

Family of Robert King Wilson

Jul 2013 - Gathering of Descendants of William Tappen and Ida Mae (Seeley) Wilson

Ten members of the Wilson Association through William Tappen Wilson gathered to help a Wilson Association Member celebrate his 96th Birthday. They sent this photograph as a greeting to those gathered at the 110th Annual Reunion.

Descendants of William Tappen and Ida Mae (Seeley) Wilson

Descendants of William Tappen and Ida May (Seeley) Wilson and spouses. July 2013.

22 Feb 2013 - Phoenix Area Wilson Family Mini-Reunion

Ten members of the Wilson Association - three descendants of Stephen Melvin Wilson, three descendants of William Armour Wilson, and four spouse members - got together in Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday 22 Feb 2013 for a Wilson Family Mini-Reunion. These Wilson Association members are either full- or part-time residents of Arizona, but most had never met before. The host and hostess provided a relaxed setting for a most enjoyable day getting acquainted and sharing family stories and information. They had a large-screen tv connected to their computer, which allowed a showing of this website and how to navigate it. To top things off royally, they introduced the other family members to a fantastic NY-style pizzeria. Three of the attendees were already planning to attend the Annual Reunion on 14 Jul 2013, and others are now thinking more seriously about trying to attend. The question was asked about whether there would be a 110th Phoenix Area Wilson Family Mini-Reunion. Who knows? In this family, it's certainly possible.

Update - 14 Jul 2013: Five of the people (two couples and one "loner") who attended this mini-reunion came to the 110th Annual Reunion. One gentleman who attended the mini-reunion also brought his sister and her husband to the annual reunion. So, it appears that getting to know each other helps to create interest in coming to the annual reunion. It's certainly worth a try!

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