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The First Generation in America - Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour

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PDF of Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

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Wilson Family Genealogy

About the Sources for this Genealogy

There is presently no "official" Wilson Family Genealogy. Instead, many family members have maintained records of their own family lines, while others have done extensive research into the broader family tree.

The genealogy used as the basis for this website was maintained by Fern Eleanor (Cook) Lynn. Fern inherited the genealogy from her mother, Florence May (Wilson) Cook, who in turn based her information on a genealogy started in 1926 by Eunice Eleanor "Ellen" (Wilson) Capen. Much additional information was provided by Fern's grandparents, Benjamin Ernest and Mary Catherine (Smoyer) Wilson.

Although Fern's genealogy was the framework, work done by many other family members has been incorporated. These other family members include William Frank Arlington, Michelle "Micky" Chapman, Gail (Morey) Clements, Alta Pearl (Baker) Eggert and her daughter Marcia Jean (Eggert) Shaffer, Judy (Campbell) Goff, Edith Florence (Morey) Kuschel, Jan M (Hughes) McIntosh, and Robert Walter Wilson.

We thank every family member who has provided information for, or made corrections to, these various genealogies over the years. Without your continued help and interest, we would not have anywhere near the breadth of information we presently have.

Information in this genealogy comes from a variety of sources, including:

Whatever the source of a particular piece of information, the information itself is the best we presently have. However, that does not mean everything is correct, because

While we have tried our best not to make errors, we are human. That's where you come in.

A genealogy is always a work in progress. Information needs to be corrected as errors are discovered. New information constantly needs to be added when more information is found on ancestors, and when family members marry, have children, and unfortunately pass on. The work of maintaining an accurate and "complete" genealogy needs to be shared by the entire family. This is especially true of families as old and large as the Wilson family. We invite each of you to participate in maintaining this genealogy. A few examples of things you can do are:

In order to make it easy for you to share information, we will be developing a form that you can fill out and send online, or download and mail to us. But don't feel compelled to wait for that form to be available before sharing your information. You can always contact us.

Introduction to Eunice Eleanor "Ellen" (Wilson) Capen's 1926 Genealogy
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