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Genealogy of the Wilson Family

By Eunice Eleanor "Ellen" (Wilson) Capen

It had been believed that this Genealogy was written by Eunice Eleanor "Ellen" (Wilson) Capen in or shortly before 1926, the date on the document. However, this Genealogy has been found verbatim in a genealogical report done for Marvin Howard "MH" Chamberlain in 1901. This fact does not mean that the Genealogy was not written by Ellen; however, it does mean that its date is off by quite a bit.


Please note: Although the text of this copy of the introduction to Ellen Capen's genealogy has not been altered, several footnotes and hyperlinks have been added.

"Our forefather, Alexander Wilson, Sr., married Jane Armour or Armer in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a family tradition that the Armours were a branch of the Cameron family, who changed their name for political reasons. 1/

"Alexander Wilson, Sr. and wife, Jane Armour Wilson, appeared in New York City sometime prior to the year 1764. Tradition says he came to recover property of a brother, who recently died and that he brought his goods in a wheelbarrow.2/ If so, he must have first located in some other place. He died soon after his arrival in New York City. 3/ His widow then moved to Lancingburg, New York and married, Mr. Robert Moffit, who was Editor and Publisher of the first newspaper published in Troy. "The Troy Budget". Moffit was a Tory and an Irishman. One son was born to them, Robert Jr. He went to the Sandwich Islands 4/ about 1831, where he married a King's daughter. He died on the Islands.

"Alexander Wilson Sr. was a Presbyterian and of Scotch-Irish decent. Our forefather is buried in a New York City churchyard, so tradition says. 5/ He died sometime in the latter part of the 18th century and certainly before 1800. 3/

"Two children were born to Alexander, Sr., and Jane Armour Wilson. Alexander, Jr., born Mar. 25, 1764 -d. Sep. 29, 1848, (moved from New York City and settled on a farm in Ballston, Saratoga Co., and in 1838 moved to the town of Wilson, Niag. Co. NY) and Jane, born August 12, 1767.

"Jane married Levi Pawling.

"Alexander, Jr., married Eunice Seeley, b. May 4, 1780, daughter of Stephen Seeley. She was 16 years of age and he was 27. They were married in Saratoga Co. New York, May 4, 1797, where his mother Jane (Armour) Wilson had moved after the death of her second husband, Robert Moffit. Alexander, Jr., was educated to be a Presbyterian minister, married a Quaker girl and turned Quaker. They had 9 children. 1. Cynthia, 2. Stephen, 3. Ruth, 4. Robert, 5. Jane, 6. William A., 7. Sally Ann, 8. Eunice Charlotte, 9. Sarah Ann.

"Alexander Jr. and Eunice (Seeley) Wilson's home was in Charleson, Saratoga Co. New York but they must have lived in Albany sometime about 1826, for when William A. was 18 years of age, he took a load of flour from Albany to Boston and returning brought back a load of codfish in the year 1826. This was done by horse power and he had to change his wagon for sleighs on the return trip. I, Ellen, also have a distinct recollection of William A. telling of renting Reuseler Island, consisting of thirty acres for $300.00, and growing garden truck. He use to ferry to and from this island in the Hudson River. 6/ He also told about going to escort his sisters home at night, for they worked in a glove factory in Albany, New York. William A. had the honor of riding on the DeWitt Clinton steam train from Albany to Schenectady on its initial trip. 7/

"Alexander Jr., his wife Eunice (Seeley) Wilson and their son William A. came to Niagara the year 1838, where he died at the home of his son, William A., on September 29, 1848. His wife, Eunice, died at the same home on September 10, 1855.

"Her mother, Stephen Seeley's wife, whose maiden name was Odell, died at the home of Cynthia and Philonzo Chamberlain in Somersat, Hillsdale Co. Michigan in the year 1840 at the age of 94 years.

"The different branches of the Wilson family: Wilsons, Armours, Pawlings, Odells, Moreys, Seeleys, Chamberlains, Bivins, Woods, Chapmans, Hargers, Farnsworth, Meads, Bradleys, Bakers, Hills, Campbells, and many more!

"The Wilsons, Armours, Odells, Meads are from Scotch-Irish descent. The Pawlings are Hollanders. Seeleys, Chamberlains, Hargers and Moreys are English.

"Chamberlains came first, between the years 1621-1640. Seeleys, 1630. Moreys about the same year and were classed as Puritans. The Scotch-Irish came from 1740 to 1765 and were Presbyterians. They settled in the western part of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and took an active part in the French and Indian also Revolutionary Wars.

"All the ancestors of the several families came by the way of New York City, up the Hudson to Saratoga Co. and hence to Niagara Co. where they were pioneers in 1825 to 1838. Our forefathers came a little later. Stephen came in 1826, Alexander Jr., wife and William came in 1838. Wm. A. went back to Saratoga Co. in 1840, was married to Lamira Tappin of Charlton, and came to Niagara Co. First settled on the old Dan Carter farm on the Slash Road (Maple Rd.) in the spring of 1845 moved onto old place with ten acres cleared of forty, bought at $15.00 per acre and a frame house. Traded place at Charlton for upper place of seventy-five acres then bought strip on south side of forty consisting of twenty acres for $300.00. He then owned 135 acres. Built stone house to replace the frame one."

The remainder of Ellen's genealogy sets out the family relationships incorporated into this genealogy. As time permits, images of Ellen's genealogy will be added.


1/ Although Clan Cameron in Scotland is not aware that a branch of the Clan changed its name to Armour, it is aware that many Clan members did change their names to escape political persecution.

2/ This brother has not been identified. At present, the only known sibling of Alexander Wilson is a sister, Henrietta.

3/ It is now known from his will that Alexander Wilson died in Jan or Feb 1771.

4/ Now the State of Hawai'i.

5/ Tradition says that Alexander Wilson was buried in the churchyard of Trinity Church. However, all church records burned during the New York City fire of 1776, and no family member who has searched for a stone for Alexander has found it. Tradition also says that Alexander Wilson was buried in the same cemetery as his cousin, Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton is buried in Trinity Churchyard. The relationship between Alexander Wilson and Alexander Hamilton, which most likely goes back to Scotland, has not yet been shown.

6/ A wikipedia article talks about Van Rensselaer Island being leased to Arent Adriessen in 1658. Although this was a long time before William Armour Wilson would have been renting the island, the name Adriessen has arisen in relation to the Wilson family genealogy. More research is needed to determine if the island remained with the Adriessen family and what the relationship was between that family and the Wilson family. Perhaps the relationship was with the Pawling branch of the Wilson family.

7/ Although it was not a direct relationship, Alexander Wilson Jr was connected to Gov De Witt Clinton through several marriages. Gov De Witt Clinton was the first cousin twice removed of Eleanor (Pawling) Pawling, through Eleanor's mother, Aagje De Witt. Eleanor was the first cousin once removed of Levi Pawling, the husband of Jane (Wilson) Pawling, through her father, John (Jan) Pawling.

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