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Wilson and Collateral Family Indices

The First Generation in America - Alexander Wilson and Jane Armour

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Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

PDF of Ancestors of Alexander Wilson

Where are They Buried?

Collateral Families

Collateral Families

The Family of Robert Seeley and Mary:
Generation 7:
Stephen Seeley and Ruth Odell

Researcher: Bill

Stephen Seeley-7 (Joanna Beardsley and Hezekiah Seeley-6, Nathaniel Seeley-5, Nathaniel Seeley-4, Nathaniel Seeley-3, Nathaniel Seeley-2, Robert Seeley-1, William Seeley-A, Thomas Seeley-B, William Seelie-C) was born between 1750 and 1761, most likely in USA, CT, Fairfield, Fairfield. He and his brothers, Nehemiah and John, served in the Revolutionary War in the 12th Regiment of Albany County, New York Militia. In later life he was a Quaker, and raised his family as Quakers. He resided in USA, NY, Saratoga, Ballston and Charlton. He died on 13 Sep 1828 in USA, NY, Niagara, Somerset. The most likely place for his burial is USA, NY, Niagara County, where he died. However, no record of his burial or marker for him has yet been found in Niagara County.

Additional Information about Stephen Seeley

Ruth Odell-6 (Eunice Lacy and Gershom Odell-5, Hezekiah Odell-4, John Odell-3, John Odell-2, William Odell-1, Richard Odell-A) was born about 1748 in USA, NY, Saratoga County. She died at about the age of 92 years in 1840 in USA, MI, Hillsdale, Somerset, at the home of her granddaughter, Cynthia (Wilson) Chamberlain. Although she was most likely buried either in USA, MI, or with her husband, her place of burial has not yet been located.

Additional Information about Ruth Odell

Stephen Seeley and Ruth Odell were married about 1779. They had the following children:

  1. Eunice Charlotte Seeley
  2. Abigail Seeley
  3. Mary Seeley
  4. Stephen Judson Seeley
  5. Gershom Seeley
  6. Phebe J Seeley